House Cleaning

Need help With the house work? Here's where we can tailor a plan to your needs ...

Every home is unique.  We customize plans to your needs and budget. Because we use only Green Cleaning methods, maintaining your home will not only be healthier for you and your family, but it will consistently look new and fresh. For instance, when cleaners use a cloth towel or cotton mop, they tend to reposition a fair amount of the dirt and dust rather than picking it up.  By contrast, the use of microfiber cleaning tools and cloths actually trap dust and dirt better than regular cleaning materials. When combined with HEPA vacuums that remove more particles from the air, the room will be measurably cleaner. When combining microfiber tools with HEPA vacuum cleaners, the cleaning service is REMOVING the dust and dirt rather than MOVING it.

You will be impressed, and so will your family and friends, and it costs a lot less than you think. For more information on our exceptional services, please give us a call at 503-757-4003