Amanda B was born and raised in South East Portland. She loves the northwest and all the natural surroundings.  The Portland culture enhances her sense of being so close.  Amanda loves to hike, bike, and backpack to the beach.  She has a passion for animals and has been a vegetarian for over 10-years.

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Christy grew up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and appreciates the beauty of nature that surrounds us here. Friends and family are a joy as is spending time outdoors with her loved ones when she's not working.  Christy takes great pride in her work and loves beautifying this world one job at a time. Working for a green company is really appreciated, a company that cares about her well being as well as the community and the impact it has on our environment.

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Ian was born and raised in southern New Jersey where he developed a life long appreciation of cheesesteaks, hoagies and the Philadelphia Eagles. After spending time in Scotland, Japan, India's Kulu Valley, the highlands of Bolvia and the howling wilds of Iowa, Ian meandered out to the Pacific Northwest, living first in Seattle then working his way down to Portland. When not working, Ian can be found white-water kayaking on the Clackamas river, enjoying the tranquility of Portland's Grotto and spending time with his family at Mt. Tabor park.

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John is a hard worker.  There's pretty much everything that he can do and we trust him implicitly.  Enjoy his work ethics and his attention to detail.  You'll be delighted.

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Kathryn hails from Washington state and has lived there her whole life.  She is a part-time student at Clark College and plans on moving to Maui in the future because, "I don't like the rain."  She is a coffee addict and enjoys bowling, and the rain isn't so bad when it only comes for an hour a day, and it's warm.

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If you have  met with Pristine Greening then you've probably seen Matt. He started Pristine Greening several years ago after working as a housekeeper for a green cleaning company here in Portland.  He decided to create his own green cleaning company when the methods that his boss were using were not up to Matt's standards.  He started Pristine Greening in 2009 and has been working full time since 2010.  Matt only hires top notch people he can trust because you have to trust them too.  Matt is dedicated to his client's well being and his employees.  "Our employees are our greatest assets.  We bring you the best people because your experience with Pristine Greening will only be as delightful as the people in it."

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Rachel is an amazing cleaner.  "We have asked that we always have her", says Cathy Crane, a long time client.  Whether Rachel is working alone or as part of a team she shines, and so will your location.  With an uncanny attention to detail, and a willingness to make sure you're happy, Rachel is one of our stars!

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Zack is a hard worker with a great eye for detail. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, has been working with Pristine Greening off and on since they started, and is now the senior carpet technician.

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EHS - GCI Certificate for Pristine Greening | image“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.”  Aldous Huxley

When we looked for ways to improve our service we  decided it was to improve each of our 'Greeners'. So now each of us studies to become GCI certified cleaners. Pristine Greening is now  GCI Certified as a company and we are adding more certified Greeners every day.  Look for their certification seal!